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What We Do

At Ernest & Kennedy we see a different world quickly approaching with far more disruptive change than any generation before us.  Healthcare systems will be revamped and managed by a generation that demands more not only from the system employees themselves but also from all contributors, most especially the corporate sector.      


We are excited to support and contribute to this wave of change.  Change that will not only benefit the patients and caregivers themselves but society as a whole.

Healthcare solution services & project management

Our core focus in healthcare environments is to support the increase of current patient outcomes and hence successful achievement of facility and/or departmental scorecard and performance indicators.  An understanding of and expertise around staff change management and satisfaction is paramount in our work.

Practice Areas
  • Patient demographics and service analysis

  • Patient flow optimization

  • Cost containment and evaluation

  • Service efficiency evaluation & improvement

  • Regional therapeutic needs assessment

  • Creation & implementation of standardized pathways of care

Corporate solution services & project management

In corporate environments we aim to support big picture healthcare system understanding working towards implementation of strategic long term partnerships.  

Practice Areas
  • Product value proposition analysis, design and implementation

  • Corporate long term strategic positioning

  • Corporate staff needs assessment and education

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