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Since our inception, Ernest & Kennedy
has been totally focused on building a strategic, solution based practice.

We know first hand innovative solutions can be tricky things.  Leaders both in corporate and healthcare worlds instinctively want scalable options but scalability in healthcare is difficult especially when the true weight of regional variability is factored in.  


We at Ernest & Kennedy have the skills to help you with all of this.  What questions need to be asked and what information is required to answer them?  What do healthcare systems value as a whole and how are your solutions addressing pieces of that?  How do you build a burning platform for change keeping your patients, staff and healthcare customers happy? How do you ensure successful implementation?  


You may not have the answers but it is our job to get you there.

Jennifer DeCaria
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Jennifer's robust resume through the corporate sector supporting both industry and healthcare systems have allowed for a mastery of unique skills.  Add to this high level certifications in Six Sigma, Jennifer continues to work with numerous organizations supporting operational objectives.

Dr Bonita Porter
Senior Special Advisor
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Dr Porter has an impressive healthcare leadership resume.  Former Chief of the Ontario Coroners Office, Deputy Chief of Inquests and one of Canada's top 100 women her project contributions are numerous and significant.

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